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Financial Operations for HubSpot: Quotes, Contracts, Billing and Beyond
Apr 30
Online event

Financial Operations for HubSpot: Quotes, Contracts, Billing and Beyond

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2 speakers

Eyal  Orgil
Natalie  Furness

Financial Operations for HubSpot: Quotes, Contracts, Billing and Beyond

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Please note - the date has been changed from the original date.

Watch this event and explore:

  • How CPQ solutions were offered as cloud-based services, allowing for easy accessibility, scalability, and collaboration across teams working in different locations.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities were integrated into CPQ tools, providing insights into sales performance, quote effectiveness, and overall revenue generation.
  • The latest technology landscape and new developments and trends in CPQ evolved in recent times.
  • HubSpot CPQ can help you close deals faster by automating the quote and pricing process.

Who should attend this event? 

  • CROs
  • Business Owners
  • Sales Managers
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Sales Representatives
  • Marketing Professionals with Sales Responsibilities
  • Entrepreneurs 

Event Agenda

  1. Welcome Address from the host
  2. Introduction of the topic and speakers
  3. Q & A Session


Natalie Furness | CEO + Founder, RevOps Automated

Eyal Orgil | CRO at


Natalie  Furness

Natalie Furness

CEO + Founder, RevOps Automated

Natalie Furness is the founder and CEO of RevOps Automated, a technology consultancy serving international businesses to scale revenue by aligning people, processes, and data systems. Natalie is ranked as a top Revenue Operations LinkedIn Thought Leader. She is president of the RevOps Research Collective and internationally recognized author of The Annual RevOps Report. Alongside her day job, Natalie is passionate about inspiring people to influence positive change and evokes action through her keynote speeches and seminars. She's also big into her kickboxing.

Eyal  Orgil

Eyal Orgil

CRO at

Eyal Orgil is the CRO at, a Quote-to-Revenue Hub specializing in CPQ, CLM, Subscriptions, Billing, and DealRoom. He is a results-driven, highly analytical, and creative sales executive with a background in leading sales and marketing teams. Eyal likes to mix "out-of-the-box" thinking with the "practical" to develop effective and impactful programs. His experience includes international sales and business development in North America, EMEA, and Japan. Having worked in most customer-facing organizational functions, he has a strong, firsthand understanding of internal teams and the reality of selling and interfacing with prospects and customers.