ConCensus 2023
ConCensus 2023
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12 months ago

ConCensus Day 2: Trends in Growth Marketing for 2023 and Beyond


AI. AR. Automation. Revolutions in the tech world in 2023 have turned marketing on its head — and we’re only about halfway through the year. Increased privacy regulations, the rise of AI tooling, and the death of third-party cookies will continue to challenge the status quo of marketing. Josh Kim, Growth Marketing Lead at Notion, sits down with Census’s Sr. Demand Generation Manager, Satya Gadepalli, to discuss the trends in growth marketing that have taken form over the course of 2023 as well as his predictions for the future to come.


Satya Gadepalli

Satya Gadepalli

Sr. Demand Gen Manager @ Census

Joshua  Kim

Joshua Kim

Growth Marketing Lead @ Notion